Colour Like No Other

Develop your talent with art products designed to blend colour. High-quality and innovative Chameleon’s extensive range of unique art supplies are perfect for artists and creatives of any ability.

Chameleon System

Featuring Chameleon’s award-winning marker pens & Color Tops.

Create stunning colour gradations & blends with one pen.

Professional-quality alcohol marker that’s designed to last.

Perfect for any artist, crafter, colourist, or creative.

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Chameleon Pens are so much more than a normal marker pen! With the Chameleon system, blending from light to dark, dark to light, similar colours and even opposite colours is quick and easy.

Innovative, unique pens - simply infuse to blend.

Create colour gradations and blends with one pen.

Develop your talent & create unique art.

Doodle art by Lei Melendres.

Discover what you can do with one pen.

Illustration by Angela Kubera coloured using ONLY the YG3 Chameleon Pen.

Add the wow factor to your art with a marker pen that blends colour.

Floral page by Jeannie Dickson.

Fineliner Pens

The world’s first colour-blending fineliner.

So easy to use – create colour blends in seconds.

Turn your writing, drawing, and doodling into works of art.

Ergonomic design, with water-based dry-safe ink.

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Perfect for journaling, doodling, drawing, writing, and more. These fineliners are a must-have for any stationery addict plus, they don't bleed through most papers.

Innovative dual-ink system - there's ink in the pen & the cap.

Blending is quick & easy, just swap pen caps to create colour blends.

Get stunning results on all your creative projects.

Amazing bullet journal page by Carolina Ghelfi.

Take your journaling to the next level.

Stunning bullet journal page by Grace Frösén.

Let your creativity bloom with a pen that does the blending for you.

Beautiful flower drawing by Anna Koliadych.

Kidz Range

Add a whole new twist to your creative play.

Make art fun and engaging.

Non-permanent and washable.

Easy to use, just twist to create colour blends.

See How They Work

Encouraging creativity and imagination, the Chameleon Kidz range is fun and educational. Plus, it will keep the little chameleons entertained for hours on end.

Twist the pens to create colour blends.

Watch as your pen changes colour.

Create amazing colour blending art.

Explore your creativity with the Chameleon Kidz range.

Colour, blend, and spray in a whole new way.

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